Let us help you, help your employees with their emotional wellbeing.  

Tried and tested by over 10,000 participants across the globe, our comprehensive package of tools and resources are tailored to help you and your employees in their mental health and wellness journey. Get in touch, to find out how you can bring out the best in the people that make your business a success. 

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Become a company that cares about their people

With so much uncertainty in the recent times, it has never been more important for employers and employees to support each other. Struggling employees are not exactly visible and getting emotional support is something that can be hard to talk about. That is where workforce wellbeing comes in to help remove the stigma about seeking assistance and providing tools and resources to better their emotional health and wellbeing.


What is in our comprehensive wellness package? 

Personal wellness assessment 

This quick and easy assessment helps your employees first identify opportunity areas in their lives they can work on to better their wellbeing. 

Emotional wellbeing resource

This is a comprehensive set of tools to use to manage destructive emotions and build resilience. It is designed to boost morale, attitude and feel motivated.  

Sleep management resource

This is a 'How To' guide that helps employees enhance their mental states, energy levels and obtaining better quality sleep. 

Deep relaxation audio guides

These audio guides provide a walkthrough to help employees relax quickly and help manage stress and get better quality sleep


Know how engaged your team is in their wellbeing

Our resource also includes the facility for managers to monitor the engagement of the wellbeing resources from their employees. The report offers monthly overall usage figures, self assessment usage and history usage review.

  The Workforce Wellbeing set of resources, were relevant and enlightening. The ZapNap tool was very helpful and relaxing, this would really give you an opportunity to free your mind and body from all the stress and can easily bring you back on your feet like you just started to work. Because it works so fast, I use it in the morning, mid-day and even before I sleep at night. With a person that has hypertension like me, this is really a game changer

Michael Luis Sales

CEO of Table Time

Delivering real results 

Gives me hope to improve myself   & contribute to the company.    Provides valuable tools in managing ourselves 


Extremely informative things I thought weren't so important, in fact were. Very Beneficial.  An eyeopener.

Aviation Security Service

Highly recommended for the entire company to undertake. Easily one of the most beneficial Well worth learning.

Virgin blue

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