With more than 25 years of experience in delivering Personal and Corporate Training and Psychological Services, Des Allen has worked across the globe with a vast range of industries, hosting workshops related to Project Management; Coping in PM teams; Management & Leadership; Team Dynamics; Employee Self-management and more... 

From his background in delivering workshops and training at Medical Centres and Unitec Health Faculty where he worked with, nurses, paramedics, counsellors and general hospital staff, a wealth of knowledge was gained regarding the resulting pressures of working and caring for others. This background helped immensely dealing with the corporate sectors and coupled with his own previous background in IT operations, Business Analysis and Software Design - he saw a huge gap and an opportunity to improve the way companies approach the development of their staff, with the view to improving upon the working cultures that prevailed.  

This led to the creating of experiential Human Centred workshops to teach strategies to help employees better manage themselves, reduce negative emotions, manage stress levels and improve their health and personal wellbeing. 

These strategies have been taught internationally in numerous in-house workshop sessions and have been well received. 

As the appetite for these strategies grew, Des began designing a cloud based systems (Workforce Wellbeing and CultureRisk Analysis) that any business or corporation can easily access to help their staff and identify problematic areas and move towards creating more enjoyable, cohesive and effective working cultures. 


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